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Links checked (and/or updated) as of 6/20/02.

Economic urls

Atlantic Monthy Article "The Morning After" from 1987 exposing "he dirty little secret of Reaganomics"

Five fictions, including some from David Stockman on ("supply side is trickle down"), and "Contract w/America Mandate" fiction. Note: Requires subscription for archive. Article from Vol. 111 No. 2 Summer 1996 from PSQ, "Dismantling the Safety Net: Fiction vs. Reality".

Rich vs. poor widening (Aug 1999) favorable report on Reagan Administration from Heratige Foundation admits Federal expenditures increased during the 80s.

Chart showing National Debt increases, showing that Republicans spend more than Dems (from 1995).

The Clinton Administration efforts to redcuce the Reagan/Bush Deficits from 1988. Note: This didn't load on my system, but didn't give me a warning either. Seems to be a WAIS file. You may have better luck retrieving it.

Historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., son of the man who started these ratings, pulled together a group of his colleagues to provide their verdict on all of the presidents. They put Reagan in the bottom half of the "average" category (25 out of 39). Extreme conservative Federalist Society/Wall Street Journal rating has him higher, as would be expected. See also right-tilting commentary on same study "My Own Private Rushmore".

Global Warming

Fossil Fuels and global warming

If you want some facts on the global warming, there are various reports here.

Heated debate in Kyoto (1997): Population overlooked as a cause of global warming

EPA's site, chock full of data

Trent Lott and other oily Republicans

Trent Lott a member of a White-Supremicist Group

Trent Lott and Bob Barr CCC scandal

Lott praises white supremacist group

Broadcast outlets Ignore Majority Leaders's Public Scandal

Tom DeLay, Defender of Sweatshops

The Bad Guys (a short list of Republican scum and why they're bad)

Critiques of Libertarianism

Bauer's Skeleton Closet

Buchanan's Skeleton Closet (defender of Nazis, anti-semite, staffers tied to white supremacists group)

Republicans Hiring a Scary, Black Phony Opponent

1998 study: Journalists mostly to the right

GOP Sen. Slade Gordon's racism (anti-Native American).

Raw Republican Racism (Ashcroft shoots down black judge nominee)

Republican's thinly veiled racism apparent in attacks on Clinton.

Primary campaign and other stories leading to 2000 election

McCain says political rhetoric encourages bigotry

Gore Bids to Impress Voters with Public Policy Positions (1999).

Global warming

Clinton brilliant in averting nuclear crisis India/Pakistan, quotes

Top contributors to 1998 races

Giuliani scraps first issue of Talk magazine because Hillary was on the cover (1999). Hillary's senate race gives GOP fits

Scholarly review of anti-semitism.

Effect of Gun-Free School act (from 1995)

Judge gives gun back to student at violent school. 1996.

Jon Carroll's rant on the Cultural War and South Park movie vs. General's Daughter

George W. Bush supporter made gun in Columbine shooting.

Why George W. Bush deserves to be grilled on his drug use

George HW "Poppy" Bush went to Paris to prevent release of Iranian hostages says Navy flier. 1995

Skull and Bones Society

Southern govs use false and biased data to discourage divorce

Consortium News articles and links to 1980 October Surprise. George Herbert Walker Bush in the middle of it.

Gore Internet urls

Great article by British newspaper on how US Press is lying about what Gore said on the Internet, Love Story, etc.

overview article from Washington Post, reacting to critics of his comment on internet.

Gore seeks 'Electronic Bill of Rights' that includes kids. ZDnet has a lot on Gore's initiatives.

next generation internet initiative

announces new EPA site

leading training initiatives

Gore on Reinventing Government initiatives from 2000 campaign. Old link didn't work, but I found quite a lot of links from a search.

spare political urls Reagan era, some Bush

GOP soft on crime when it's theirs: Long article on Iran-Contra figures and whether they served time plus background to the scandal.

Bush Family Preys together: Long article from 1992 on BCCI, Harken Oil, Saudi connection featuring George HW, Prescott, George W and Jeb and and other sleazy figures.

Presidential Scandals in History: Last one on Reagan's failure of responsibility as president.

James Watt declared guilty: plea bargains from lying under oath to withholding evidence from a grand jury. More on the 9-year investigation of the corrupt Reagan HUD Department, a Lehrer News Hour transcript. Oddly, neither 'news' organization has a good overview of the HUD scandal. Only the People's Tribunal has a good overview and mentions that Watt's lawyer was William Bradford Reynolds (go down to 5), third in the Reagan Justice Dept (and was not confirmed as Attorney General due to his racism) or that the Independent Counsel had been changed, allowing Watt to get off so easily. The GOP is soft on crime when it's theirs.

1996 Dole campaign violation urls

GOP soft on crime: Thomas Stewart, longtime Republican donor, fined $5 million because he laundered campaign contributions, still around to host picnics and contribute to Washington State Republicans in 1998.

See also long report on illegal Republican campaign practices from the Rep. Waxman's site, which continues on to describe illegal foreign campaign contributions to the GOP. You can download the 1998 report in Acrobat from the main page.

Dole Cheats on Election Finance.

Simon Fireman, a former vice chairman of Bob Dole's presidential campaign agreed Wednesday to pay a record $6 million in fines for using workers to funnel illegal political contributions to Dole's campaign and other political committees.

See also Seattle Times long story on Stewart and Fireman from their archives.

Company fined $480,000 for contributions to Bush, Dole

Political Money Line takes dim view of almost everyone, and Dole's links are now part of paid site, alas. Still, worth checking out.

Dole and the character issue: Nixonian.

Georgia firm fined $1 mill for illegal contributions to Lamar Alexander's 1996 presidential race.

Dole's Skeleton Closet

FEC audit fining RNC in 1996 (compare how much they had to repay vs. much less by Dems)

Federal Election Commission fines National Republican Senatorial Committee $20,000 3/7/00, detailed legal list, including fining Mark Sharp (R-FL) $4,000 and Washington State Republican Party fined $80,000.

href="http://www.opensecrets.org/pubs/law_justice/justice4.html">Reagan Bush stonewalling from 1984, Willie Horton GOP mudslinging covered up by GOP FEC members.

Dole money laundering scandal in 1988

Are the Republicans in thrall to the Germans? The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has imposed a record fine of $ 323,000 on a German businessman making it the largest penalty for individual campaign finance violations. (1977)

FEC fines three corporations for illegally raising money from their employees in G Bush campaign 1992. (Archived.)

Newer urls to 3/00? 2000 Primary

Rural teens more likely to use drugs than city kids

Bush's close ties to lobbyists, even as he criticizes McCain

Bush's Skeleton Closet (a great deal of information)

Ultraconservative Congressman John Schmitz, father to Mary Kay Letourneau, who got pregnant twice by her 13 year old lover. Her father's own pattern of adultery may have given her ideas. Jan 27, 2000.

Bush ducks the press, would prefer to coast into the White House without having to take a position on any issue during campaign. It worked.

Wm. Safire should eat crow now that the Clintons have been exonerated.

More on the Reagan administration scandals and lies

Conclusions of the Walsh investigation: listing 14 Reagan officials convicted, felony convictions overturned on a technicality or pardoned by Bush (the only official not brought to trial after Atty General refused to turn over information)

Decent timeline from Nixon's resignation on lists good and bad of admins. On the Reagan list: EPA Head Rita LaVelle convicted Renewal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act opposed by Reagan (but won anyway)

The Reagan astrologer scandal

The Reagan Years: How soon we forget real corruption. (138 figures convicted, had been indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations.) Doesn't even include conviction of James Watt.

Investigator of Cisneros has his own history of being investigated in HUD .

George HW Bush connection with Rev. Moon.

The Moonies buying the right; Falwell and Iran-Contra.

1994 Atlantic Monthly article on how the SU fell despite, not because, of Reagan.

Long article with "By the mid-1980s, however, the hard-liners had outlived their usefulness.", Carter did most of the serious arms buildup claimed by Reaganites, etc.

Review of G.M Kornienko, "The Cold War: Testimony of a Participant," by David Stone : Claims "Traitior" Gorbachev's response to Reagan's saber unpopular with military though not what kept SU from collapse. (Whole Cold War International History Project site worth exploring.)

In review of "A Range of Interpretations" on how the Cold War ended, mention of article, "Carrots Were More Important Than Sticks in Ending the Cold War" by Kevin Clements; together with above sticks, Reagan did harm.

Whitewater and Ken Starr

Starr appointed by Sentelle after talking with Helms, should be disqualified (1996). Even more on Starr's sleazy appointment.

Right Wing news media: Weyrich

Indictment of Cap Weinberger, Reagan's Secretary of Defense, pardoned by Poppy Bush.

Iran-Contra summary (combine with several above? this is third mention sthis page.)

More Primary 2000 links

Right makes boogeyman of Sharpton, even though he took bribe from D'Amato and has met with Bush

Comparison of Dem and GOP campaign finance 'scandals'.

Bush Campaign Goof (thanking a nonexistant KS primary) 4/5/00 (in several places).

Log of chat about judicial nominees, GOP Senate holding up one for four years... (March 2000)

Twisted Sister, cited by Tipper in 1985, now support Gore

Whitewater and other exonerations

Bruce Babbit cleared, now derides "old fashioned lynching"

Susan McDougal found innocent of Obstruction of Justice, puts stake through Starr's heart, jury believed her and not Starr.

Press corp didn't cover exoneration of Clinton over Whitewater, Travel Office, Filegate. (Whole Daily Howler site is good.)

More on Bush CIA BCCI scandal

"In sum, based on all of the available evidence, which is considerable, the OIC agrees with the conclusion reached by every official entity that has examined the issue: Mr. Foster committed suicide by gunshot in Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993." Further link to Ken Starr summation of investigation.

After four years and $40 million dollars, Starr Report exonerates Clinton in Whitewater, Travel Office, Filegate.

Espy cleared of all charges. (One of many articles.) Espy: "Stand up to the bullies."

comparison of Espy exoneration and Clinton impeachment exoneration coverage shows conservative bias in Washington Post

The knee-jerk right wingers will love this one: The World Socialist's view of Ken Starr, loads of fun from the other side at last.

Fun quick overview of salon.com articles on the unethical Starr and others.

More on 2000 Primaries

Houston passes LA as most pollution days in 1999 (Acrobat file).

From the Washington Post: Texas environment could work against Bush (and should have).

New movie The Skulls mainly about GWB

Commentary from usenet: Every national political crisis from the 1820s onward was about slavery: the Missouri compromise was about slavery, the Mexican War was about slavery, the Kansas-Nebraska Act was about slavery, the Fugitive Slave Act was about slavery, the ten-year Gag Rule banning the acceptance or any discussion of anti-slavery petitions in the House of Representatives was about slavery. "States' Rights" was a tool for the protection of slavery; people who seriously believed in "states' rights" as an overriding constitutional principle could not have so vigorously pursued passage and enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act--which, after all, interfered with the right of the _free_ states to act according to their own laws. The Dredd Scott decision was about slavery, and effectively deprived the free states of the right to ban it within their borders, thus galvanizing the abolitionist movement to a previously hard-to-imagine degree: people who previously were willing to ignore slavery _elsewhere_ as long as it remained banned in their states, suddenly couldn't afford such a "live-and-let-live" attitude. -- Liz Carey

Neil Bush and Silverado

Whitewashing the Bush Boys (Mother Jones, 1994)

Bush Family Values$: Long Mother Jones article about George W, Jeb and Neil Bush from 1992

Effects of Silvarado collapse, Neil Bush sanctioned by regulators

A brief listing of Neil Bush's Silverado relationships.

Part 2 of long article The Hoax of Democracy with examination of Reagan and Bush era scandals.

Notes on a Native Son. Long article on George W. Bush and family by Joe Conason from Harper's Magazine Feb 2000.

Junior involved in Insider trading re: BCCI and Harken; also stuff on Prescott Jr. (brother to Bush II) and Jeb Neil/Silverado/Contras and details "chilling" connection to CIA's clandestine operations (Bush Preys link above)

Clinton International and National Awards

Bill Clinton accepts Rabin-Perez Peace Award, Nov. 1997.

President and First Lady honored for international leadership, recieve award from Yitzhak Rabin Center, 1999. Clinton's speech on winning award

Clinton wins Seeds of Peace Award while Pope honored by the House. Mitchell wins Seeds of Peace Award 2002, mentions Clinton winning earlier.

Hillary wins Hadassah award, controversial even at the time.

Bill Clinton wins Rock The Vote Award, 2000.

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