Big Lies About 9/11

Clinton vs. Bush: Neocons lie and lie again

This was originally written in September of 2003. The 9/11 Commission has had more to say, and there is even more evidence now, not to mention Farenheit 9/11. (Isn't it odd that there are people who think Mel Gibson makes documentaries and Michael Moore doesn't?) Links checked as of 7/04

Dittoheads have been in denial about Bush for a long time, and I've written on related topics before. As W's popularity plummets, his swaggering buffoonery replaces accountability. His supporters are fewer and fewer... and louder and louder. It's time to get in their face with their lies. Be as polite as possible, and don't sink to their level... but don't let them get away with changing the subject to Clinton or repeating the same lies they heard on hate radio. Here are some facts to use.

George W. Bush's first impulse is always to lie. His second impulse is always to run away. And he surrounds himself with oily people who are more concerned with smearing opponents than running the country. Right now, the shrill voices of the far right are engaged in a desperate attempt to blame Clinton for 9/11 and to completely cover-up Bush's criminal negligence and close ties to the bin Laden family.

To start off, we can easily dismiss the Republican whining.

If anyone says President Bill Clinton was not deeply concerned about terrorism and Osama bin Laden in particular, they are lying. Period. He successfully stopped terror operations in the US, and was doing well countering Al Queda until Bush and co. reversed his policies.

Meanwhile, Bush's foreign policy has been a disaster from the beginning and has just gotten worse. Bush started out his presidency by apologizing to China when they shot down our spy plane in international airspace, dismantling the Kyoto Treaty and others, then went on vacation when numerous sources including our own State Department warned of a terrorist attack.

Recap: Clinton did a good job, starting to counter a growing terrorist threat against the US. It wasn't perfect, but is was very good. Meanwhile, George W. Bush went out of his way to ignore the terrorist threat from his friends with oil money, and has been engaged in a cover up of his criminal negligence before 9/11 and his lying about the failed War on Terror and Gulf War II. His scandals are making diehard Republicans regret their vote. The shame of being a conservative has never been greater.

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