MN-STF Picnic and Halloween 2004

Picnic at Minnehaha Falls campground August 7, 2004
MN-STF Meeting/Halloween Party at Dream Park October 30, 2004

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David Dyer-Bennet photographer

Dean Gahlon

Laural Krahn

Andrew Bertke

Thorin Tatge

Thorin Tatge

Kevin G. Austin, waving spatula

Kevin G. Austin, preparing meat for grill

diverse fans at picnic

Dream Park decorated for Halloween

Little Red Riding Hood

Hamlet and Ophelia

Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier

Minicon 2 reunion

Minicon reunion

Ken Konkol, posing

Michael and daughter

Zombie Rising

Zombie Unrisen

Curse of the Red Sox

Rachel Kronick

Karen Cooper

Halloween masks

Richard Tatge