Not Anokon 1980

Shockwave's first Live Stage Show
Several of the first few Minicons were held in the fall. With the success of the Easter Weekend date for Minicon, MN-STF decided to branch the Fallcon to its own yclept convention. The first two were in Anoka, Minnesota, with the divinely inspired names of Anokon I (1978) and Anokon II (1979). Mostly local Minneapolis/St. Paul fen braved the autumnal weather to gather in a place that was not Anoka, MN (ie St. Paul). DavE (not yet Baron Dave) took some photos in black and white, just waiting for the day that the world wide web would allow them to be seen by a large audience.
Pardon the graininess of the images. The originals look better, but they were taken without a flash and I pushed the ASA to 800 or 1600. Perhaps at a future date I'll try for better scans, but in the meantime, this is it.

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Everett Forte, setting up

Audience for Live Shockwave Stage Show

Alice Pheonix

Kara, Emma, John

Audience for Live Shockwave Stage Show

Audience for Live Shockwave Stage Show

DD-B, Dean Gahlon

Kara Dalkey, Gerri Balter

Joel Halpern

Richard Tatge, Matthew Tepper

Scott, Margie, Emma

Steve and Reen Brust

Steve and Reen Brust

Steve Brust, playing guitar

Matthew Tepper, listening

Emma Bull, holding guitar

Several fen

John Purcell

Carol Kennedy

Jonathan Adams

Caryl Wixon

Faun and friend

John Bartelt

Margie Lessinger and Scott Imes

Paige Ringstrom

Rob Hunter