Convergence, July 1-3 2005CE

Convergence is a science fiction convention held July 4th weekend at the Sheraton Bloomington in Bloomington MN. This year there were about 2200 people in attendance, a record.

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Making Registration



Barbara of Ops


Connie set-up 1

Connie set-up 2

Connie set-up 3

Connie set-up 4

Connie set-up 5

Connie set-up 6

Connie server 7

Harry Knowles 1

Harry Knowles 2



Silent Auction

Silent Auction

Cinema Rex set-up 1

Cinema Rex set-up 2

Science Room 1

Science Room 2

Ben Huset 3

Curtis 4

badge checker

Apples to Apples

Soup for you?

Cthulhu and friend

Blogging as Literature

Brian Price 1

Kris Markman 2

Jerry Stearns 3

Charlie and Don 4

House of Toast 1

House of Toast 2

House of Toast 3

House of Toast 4

House of Toast 5


Hall Costumes

Party Prep

Jedi & Klingon

Hall Costumes

Elevator closed

Riding escalator

Riverfolk 1

Becca Allen 2

Andy & Becca 3

Groovy Green Room

Vice City 1

Vice City 2

Vice City 3

Vice City 4

Vice City 5

Vice City 6


Andre Guirard

Smoking Room

Stir Fry


Flower child & child

Cabana deck display 1

Cabana deck display 2

Empire Recruiting 1

Dean vs. Machine 2

Dean vs. Machine 3

Dean vs. Machine 4

Empire Recruiting 5


Rachel & Thorin

Hall Party

Hall Party

Brian Perry

Elizabeth Bendtsen

Sam & co.

Patrick Smith

Craig A. Finseth

Hall Sign


Hall Costume

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