Convergence, July 1-3 2005CE

Convergence is a science fiction convention held July 4th weekend at the Sheraton Bloomington in Bloomington MN. This year there were about 2200 people in attendance, a record.

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Atrium events

Atrium Events DDR 1

Atrium Events DDR 2

the great Luke Ski 1

the great Luke Ski 2

tgLS audience 3

"Vader Boy" 4

the great Luke Ski 5

Atrium conversation

Batleth tourny

Eric Coleman 1

Filk audience 2

Luke Ski 3

Ed Eastman 4

Filk audience 5

Richard Tatge 6

Lee Schneider

Hilary Moon Murphy


Hank in Tardis

Borg 1

Borg 2


Ivy & Joker

Klingon Toast

Klingons & Geisha


Hunter S. Thompson



Superheroes & mime


Compass Rose 1

Compass Rose 2

Party 1

Party 2

Liquid Nitrogen
Milkshake 1

Liquid Nitrogen
Milkshake 2

Liquid Nitrogen
Milkshake 3

Liquid Nitrogen
Milkshake 4

Liquid Nitrogen
Milkshake 5

Cinema Apocalypse

Jantri 1

Jantri 2

The Nick Atoms 1

The Nick Atoms 2

The Nick Atoms 3

The Nick Atoms 4

Hall sighting

Minicon party 1

Minicon party 2


Barb & friend

Hall costume

Hall costume

Double Shot


Still More Con!


Hall costume

Sidekick Girl

Dealer 1

Dealer 2

Dealer 3

Dealer 4

Dealer 5

Annie 6

Who won that award...


Sean Novak



Mercedes & Larry

Mike & Marv



Len & fan

What's under that kilt?

Jeremy & Windy

Tim Wick

Taking down signage

Tired fan

Coming back next year!

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