Minicon 2006

Bloomington, MN
Minicon 41, aka Minicon XLI, Robot | Held April 14-16, 2006CE

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Part of the Ellison pastiche Shockwave Radio Theater did not perform at Opening Ceremonies:
"Repent Harlan," Said The Ticktockman.

Hope Leibowitz

Marilee Layman

Joel Philips

Diane Lacey

Robot Dog 1

Robot Dog 2

Jerry Corwin 1

Erik and Paula Biever 2

Mark Richards 3

Ellison Audience 4

Harlan Ellison 5

Five of Nine 6

Brian Westley 7

Doug and Lynn 8

Videotaping Harlan 9

John Stanley 10

Eric Heideman 11

Harlan Ellison 12

David Dyer-Bennet 14

Harlan Ellison 15

At Ellison Talk 16

Lynn Anderson 17

"Haw!" 18

Harlan Ellison 19

Harlan Autographing 20

On Line for Harlan 21

Beaming Becca

Ann Totusek

Keith Malgren


Lisa Frietag

Marty Helgesen

Sharon Kahn at BBT

Sharon and Rosie 1

Sharon and Rosie 2

Jeff Schalles, techie

Reading in Lobby

Robot Display

Laurel and Kevin

Girls with Dog

Marilee Layman

Tony von Krag 1

Tony von Krag 2


Mitch and Cass

David Emerson

Eric and Susie

Greg Ketter

Doug and Lynn

Polly Peterson

Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison

Laramie Sasseville

Dr. Mike

Jigsaw Puzzle

David Crawford

Kids Playing Tank

Riverfolk 1

Riverfolk 2

Riverfolk 3

Riverfolk 4

Marian Turner

Seth Breidbart

Doug Wickstrom

Tower of Chocolate

SF3 Party

Bruce Schneier

Jonathan Adams

Beth Friedman

Fluxx game

Balcony of Consuite

Cats Cradle



Sharon Kahn

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