Convergence, July 7-9 2006CE

Convergence is a science fiction convention held July 4th weekend at the Sheraton Bloomington in Bloomington MN. This year I didn't take many pictures.

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Thumbs cropped different than main picture. Surprise!
All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.
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Ishmael Williams


Consuite set-up

MISFITS Party set-up

Great Hall Entrance 1

Great Hall Entrance 2

Great Hall Entrance 3

Great Hall Entrance 4

Great Hall Entrance 5

The Bridge

Connie's Lounge 1

Connie's Lounge 2

Connie's Lounge 3

Connie's Lounge 4

the great Luke Ski 1

the great Luke Ski 2

the great Luke Ski 3

Chas & Bonnie

Larramie Sasseville

Con Member

Ladies at party

Willy Wonka party

British tea party

Japan party

House of Toast

Wok at party

Beach party


Star Trek party 1

Star Trek party 2

Con Photographer

Belly Dancer

Star Map 1

Star Map 2

Star Map 3

Star Map 4

Mad Scientist

Anaglyphic Map

Donna and Friend

Karen Schaffer

Karen and Barb



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