Pool Party 2007

The Minnesota Science Fiction Society (MN-STF) hosts a Pool Party nearly every year
at the Sheraton Bloomington, at the hotel where Minicon has been held nearly every year since 1985.
In 2007, the Pool Party was January 27, and featured two rooms of musicians as well as general partying.

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Keith Malgren






Richard Tatge

Kids By Pool

Aliera & Carolyn

Tom and Carolyn

Ben and Mom

By The Bar

Couch Conversation

Couch Conversation



John Stanley

John and David

David Emerson

Graham and Becca

Floyd Henderson

Floyd Henderson

Floyd and Chas

DD-B and Cans

Emi Briet


Jerry Corwin


Watching TV


Nate and Laura

Louie, Becca and Nate

By The Bar

Singing Along

Clay Harris

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