Minicon 2007

Minicon 42, Bloomington, MN
April 6-8, 2007CE

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Wednesday Work Party
with Pizza

Cthulhu Peeps

Bruce Schneier

Mark and Matt

Matt and Beth

Diane Lacey

Scott Raun

Scott, Irene, Peer

Cally Soukup

Making Minicon
Registration Box

Hanging Sign
Outside Consuite

Hotel Staffer
In Consuite

Consuite Food
in mirror

Kids Making Sign

Beth Friedman

Beth Friedman

Geri Sullivan

Mary Kay Kare

Marilee Layman


Keith Malgren

Carol Kennedy

Registration Table



Game of Scrabble

Howard and Lenny 1

Howard Harrison 2

Howard Harrison 3

Lenny Bailes 4

Registration Table

Dog in Purse

Marilee at
T-Shirt Table

Fans in the Atrium

Anna Waltz

Dog, Interrupted

Ann Totusek

Computer Gaming

Charles DeLint

Charles Vess

Joel Phillips

Jim Rittenhouse 1

Thorin Tatge 2

Kevin and Thorin 3

Teresa Nielsen Hayden 4

Ken Konkol

Alison and Lisa


Bonnie Somdahl

Snare Drum
At Music Party

Peter Hentges
At Music Party

Music Party


Rachel Kronick

Kelly Strait

Dean and Laura
David Wilford

David and Tony

Neil Rest

Ann and Gary

Jigsaw Puzzle

Carrie and Curt

Laura Jean and Nico

Music Party

Jeff and Becca

Music Party

Scott Keever

Music Party

Lynn, Doug, Brian


Ah, Bliss

Cally Soukup

Minion Panel

Kids Programming 1

Kids Programming 2

Kids Programming 3

Meredith 4

Bubbles! 5

Bubbles! 6

Bubbles! 7

Bubbles! 8

Bubbles! 9

Bubbles! 10

Sharon Kahn

Joe and Andrew

Eleanor and Lyda

Patrick and Bruce

Jim Young 1

Jim Young 2

Jim Young 3

Judie and David 4

Denny Lien 5

Blue Petal 6

Margo Bratton 7

Denny, Jeff and Margo 8

Don and Margo 9

Jeff and KenFletch 10

Sharon Kahn 1

Baron Dave Romm 2

Jeff Schalles 3

Science Room 4

Science Room 5

Steve Perry

Juan and Sharon


Ed Ness

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