Marscon, Feb 29-Mar 2 2008CE

Marscon is a science fiction convention held this year at the Holiday Inn Select in Bloomington MN.
Marscon 2008's attendance leaped to 841, and people came for one aspect of the convention and completely missed other parts.
I tried to visit, however briefly, most of the con, but missed some aspects as well.

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All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.

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Read about our Guests and see some cat macros using pictures from the con

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Karl Brown 7

Karaoke 8

Karaoke 9

John Mapes 10

John Mapes 11
Big Bottom

John Mapes 12
2nd place

Karaoke 13

Karaoke 14

Karaoke 15

Karaoke Winner 16

Karaoke 17

Karaoke 18

Karaoke 19

Karaoke 3rd place 20

Karaoke 21

Karaoke 22

Tim Waffle 23

Karoke 24

Karaoke 25

as Fury 1

as Fury 2

Duke "Flyboy" DuJure and
Mr. Tuesday 1

Watching Wrestling 2

Chris, Duke
and Mr. Tuesday 3

Dementia Radio Room 4

Dementia Radio Room 5

Dementia Radio Room 6

Dementia Radio Room 7

Guest in
the Consuite 1

Guest and Jolene
in the Consuite 2

In The Consuite 3

Baron Dave and Guests
long report on
our guests


A Tired Chris
Sunday Morning

Michael Kauper and GoHs

Art Paul Schlosser 1

Art Paul Schlosser 2

Art Paul Schlosser 3

Art Paul Schlosser
and Karl Brown 4

Art Paul Schlosser
w/Karl and Gifted Gear 5

Art Paul Schlosser
w/Karl and Gifted Gear 6

the great Luke Ski

Carrie Dahlby 1

Carrie Dahlby 2

Carrie Dahlby 3

Mike Haselman 4

Carrie Dahlby 5

Carrie Dahlby 6

Carrie Dahlby 7

Carrie Dahlby 8

Carrie Dahlby 9

Carrie Dahlby 10

Carrie Dahlby 11

Carrie Dahlby 12

Carrie and Luke 13

Earl Luckes

Power Salad 1

Power Salad 2

Power Salad 3

Power Salad 4

Power Salad 5

Power Salad 6

Power Salad 7

Power Salad 8

Power Salad 9

Ski Bum (1970s) 1

Ski Bum (1990s) 2

Dementia Audience 3

the great Luke Ski
and friends 4

Devo Spice 5

Luke, Devo and Ski Bums 6

(touching the ceiling?) 7

Luke, Power Salad
and friends 8 9

Hilarity in the Consuite 1

Hilarity in the Consuite 2

Devo the Photog

Guest on stage

Eric Coleman

Rob Balder 1

Rob Balder 2

Rob Balder 3

DJ Particle


Tim Waffle 1

Chris Waffle 2

Chris and Luke 3

Chris and Earl 4

Chris and Ski Bum 5

The Gothsicles 1

The Gothsicles 2

The Gothsicles 3

The Gothsicles 4

Mark Boenish 5
on duty

The Gothsicles 6

The Gothsicles 7

Dementia Smackdown 1

Dementia Smackdown 2

Dementia Smackdown 3


Next Year's Concom 1

Next Year's Concom 2

Guest 1

Guest 2

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