Convergence 2008

Convergence 10 was held July 3-7, 2008CE.
For their 10th event, Convergence went five days, though I was only there for four of them.
Thumbs cropped different than main picture. Surprise!

All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.

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20080703conv001sign 20080703conv002atrium 20080703conv003ginger 20080703conv004hotel 20080703conv008ops
Poolside Atrium - Thursday
Poolside Atrium - Thursday
Ginger at Registration
Hotel Help Desk
The Bridge
20080703conv009tribble 20080703conv007costume 20080703conv011atrium 20080703conv013harry 20080703conv014jay
Dressed Up Tribble
Hall Costume
Poolside Atrium - Thursday
Harry Knowles
jay Knowles
20080703conv012f2e2 20080703conv015lamp 20080703conv016f2e2 20080703conv017f2e2 20080703conv019earl
COF2E2 Sign
"Hit Your Head"
COF2E2 Set-Up
COF2E2 Set-Up
Earl and Son
20080703conv020mike 20080703conv021balloon 20080703conv023puzzle 20080703conv024rehearse 20080703conv026brian
Mike McDole Makes A Balloon
Kids and Balloons
Peer Does A Puzzle
Rehearsing For The Radio 1
Brian Price 2
20080703conv027rehearse 20080703conv028wendy 20080703conv029rehearse 20080703conv030rehearse 20080703conv032sax
Rehearsing For The Radio 3
Rehearsing For The Radio 4
Rehearsing For The Radio 5
Rehearsing For The Radio 6
Rehearsing For The Radio 7
20080703conv036lobby 20080703conv042fiona 20080703conv043conv101 20080703conv044dealer 20080703conv045kilt
Jim Littlefield and Friends
Fiona and Neysa
Convergence 101
Dealers Room - Ears
Dealers Room - Kilts
20080703conv046masq 20080703conv047donna 20080703conv049cryoclaus 20080703conv050ed 20080703conv051wendy
Masquerade Prizes
Donna and Baby
Cryo Ruggie and Claus
Ed Rom
Windy Bowlsby
20080703conv052announcer 20080703conv053jerry 20080703conv054atrium 20080703conv055toast 20080703conv056toast
Wally Wingert
Jerry Stearns
Poolside Atrium - Thursday
House of Toast 1
House of Toast 2
20080703conv057wonka 20080703conv059atrium 20080703conv060atrium 20080703conv062sue 20080703conv063geofdean
Wonka's Night Out
Poolside Atrium - Consuite Side
Poolside Atrium - Consuite Side
Sue Grandys
Minicon 44 Party - Thursday
20080703conv064atrium 20080703conv065atrium 20080703conv066virginia 20080703conv067virginia 20080703conv068hall
Poolside Atrium - Bridge Side
Poolside Atrium - Bridge Side
Virginia Jensen and David Emerson
Virginia Jensen
Thursday Hall Costumes
20080703conv069badgech 20080703conv070pirate 20080703conv071egypt 20080703conv073egypt 20080703conv074startrek
Badge Checking the Consuite
The Queen Anne's Revenge
The Dreaming 1
The Dreaming 2
Star Trek Party
20080703conv077chess 20080704conv078badge 20080704conv079ctein 20080704conv080juggle 20080704conv081juggle
Star Trek Party Chess
Badge Checking the Consuite
Ctein and Gayle
Juggling 1
Juggling 2
20080704conv082bridge 20080704conv083institute 20080704conv084theremin 20080704conv085jj 20080704conv087jj
Poolside Atrium Facing The Bridge
Art Institutes International
Theremin Through The Future! 1
J.j. Kidder 2
J.j. Kidder 3
20080704conv090andy 20080704conv091audience 20080704conv092audience 20080704conv093jj 20080704conv094jj
Andy Anda 4
Audience 5
Audience 6
J.j. Kidder 7
J.j. Kidder 8
20080704conv096jj 20080704conv097caly 20080704conv101caly 20080704conv098scott 20080704conv099scott
J.j. Kidder 9
Caly McMorrow 10
Caly McMorrow 11
Scott Keever 12
Scott Keever 13
20080704conv102theremin 20080704conv103theremin 20080704conv119escalator 20080704conv120escalator 20080704conv127damian
Jerry Playing Theremin 14
Jerry Playing Theremin 15
20080Damian Sheridan
20080704conv128philip 20080704conv131roy 20080704conv132adam 20080704conv133baby 20080704conv134oct
Philip Kaveny
Roy C. Booth
Adam Stemple
"It's been a tiring con."
Octopus 1
20080704conv135oct 20080704conv136vol 20080704conv137marv 20080704conv138wally 20080704conv139nancy
Octopus 2
Volunteer Table
Marv Wolfman
Wally Wingert
Nancy Gets An Autograph
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