Convergence 2008

Convergence 10 was held July 3-7, 2008CE.
For their 10th event, Convergence went five days, though I was only there for four of them.
Thumbs cropped different than main picture. Surprise!

All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.

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20080704conv239nancy 20080704conv240nancy 20080704conv241dancer 20080704conv242dancer 20080704conv243klingon
Nancy and Balloon Alien 7
Nancy and Balloon Alien 8
Dancer 1
Dancer 2
Klingon Drummer 3
20080704conv244dancer 20080704conv245dancer 20080704conv246saber 20080704conv248saber 20080705conv249friends
Dancer 4
Dancer 5
Darth and Obi-Wan 1
Darth and Obi-Wan 2
Hall Costume
20080705conv250daveco 20080705conv251f2e2 20080705conv252baby 20080704conv234friends 20080705conv254panda
Hall Costume and Dave
Enjoying the First Convention
20080705conv256weber 20080705conv257gaming 20080705conv259gaming 20080705conv260gaming 20080705conv261gaming
David Weber and Friends
Consuite Gaming 1
Consuite Gaming 2
Consuite Gaming 3
Consuite Gaming 4
20080705conv262gaming 20080705conv263k9 20080705conv264k9 20080705conv265alice 20080705conv266davem
20080705Consuite Gaming 5
K9 1
K9 2
Alice and Friends
Dave Messer
20080705conv268adam 20080705conv269adam 20080705conv270adam 20080705conv271josh 20080705conv272laugh
Adam Stemple 1
Adam Stemple 2
Adam Stemple 3
Tesla and Josh 4
Audience Laughing 5
20080705conv273laugh 20080705conv275adam 20080705conv276adam 20080705conv277betsy 20080705conv278david
Audience Laughing 6
Adam Stemple 7
Adam Stemple 8
Betsey and daughter 9
Chicken Dance 10
20080705conv281aedifica 20080705conv282david 20080705conv285kid 20080705conv286kids 20080705conv287pints
Aedifica and Mark 11
"Yay Dad!" 12
Watching Dad 12
Kidding Around 13
3 Pints Gone 1
20080705conv288kath 20080705conv289james 20080705conv290pints 20080705conv292pints 20080705conv293james
Kathleen Masino 2
James Kuehl 3
Kathleen and James 4
3 Pints Gone 4
James Kuehl 6
20080705conv294bill 20080705conv295pints 20080705conv296pints 20080705conv300pints 20080705conv301pints
Bill Masino 7
3 Pints Gone 8
3 Pints Gone 9
3 Pints Gone 10
3 Pints Gone 11
20080705conv302pints 20080705conv303pints 20080705conv304davem 20080705conv306bill 20080705conv307atrium
3 Pints Gone 12
3 Pints Gone 13
Dave Messer 14
Bill Messino 15
Poolside Atrium - Saturday
20080705conv311tourney 20080705conv308tea 20080705conv310animals 20080705conv313bridge 20080705conv315piano
Tardis Tea Party
Stuffed Animals
Bridge With Tribbles
Undead Ninja Assassin 1
20080705conv316piano 20080705conv317table 20080705conv318costume 20080705conv319crowd 20080705conv320puppets
Undead Ninja Assassin 2
Steve Fills Out A Form
Watching the Masquerade
We Want Puppets
20080705conv321sharon 20080705conv322sharon 20080705conv323puppet 20080705conv324minicon 20080705conv325minicon
Sharon Kahn 1
Sharon Kahn 2
Minicon 44 Party
20080705conv326geof 20080705conv328lisa 20080705conv330costume 20080705conv331grid 20080705conv335popeye
Geof Stone
Steam Punk Lisa
Programming Grid
Popeye and Bluto
20080705conv336beth 20080705conv337bridge 20080705conv338tribble 20080705conv339atrium 20080705conv340atrium
Beth Phillips
The Bridge
Tribble With Ears
Poolside Atrium - Saturday
20080705conv343atrium 20080705conv344atrium 20080705conv345stark 20080705conv346stark 20080705conv347photog
Fun with Glowsticks
Tony Stark and Paparazzi
Tony Stark and Friends
Capturing the Convention
20080705conv348stark 20080705conv349homer 20080705conv351costume 20080705conv352pat 20080705conv355foyer
Tony Stark Reveals Secret
Simple Simpson the Pie Man
Pat Wick
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