Applecon 2008

Applecon 1 was held April 11-13, 2008CE.
Thumbs cropped different than main picture. Surprise!

All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.
Best way to view the gallery is to start with the first main picture and continue through, following the flow of the con.

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Applecon 2008 Gallery A | Applecon 2008 Gallery B

Applecon 2008 : 1-90 | 91-180

20080411apple003leap 20080411apple004bruce 20080411apple005sleigh 20080411apple006karen 20080411apple010kid
The Leap
Bruce Schneier
Four Guests of Honor
Karen and her Trophies
Folding The Pocket Program
20080411apple011beeca 20080411apple012games 20080411apple013andrew 20080411apple015andrew 20080411apple017beth
Beccas and Friend
Richard Plays Games
Andrew Makes Movies
Andrew Makes Movies
Beth Friedman
20080411apple020lj 20080411apple021sleigh 20080411apple023sleigh 20080411apple024frank 20080411apple028sleigh
Laura Jean at Opening Ceremonies
Stephen Leigh
Stephen Leigh
Frank Introduces Stephen Leigh
Stephen Leigh channels Magritte
20080411apple029opcer 20080411apple031joshsleigh 20080411apple033sleigh 20080411apple034teresa 20080411apple035andrew
Opening Ceremonies
Josh More and Stephen Leigh
Stephen Leigh
Teresa Chandler
Andrew Makes Movies
20080411apple039andrewddb 20080411apple042sleigh 20080411apple044sleigh 20080411apple045becca 20080411apple046becca
3 1/2 Photographers
Stephen Leigh
Stephen Leigh
Rebecca Leathers and Teresa Chandler
Rebecca Leathers
20080411apple047becca 20080411apple049richard 20080411apple050richardbonz 20080411apple051graham 20080411apple054david
Becca Leathers
Richard Tatge
Bonnie Somdahl
Graham Leathers
David Perry
20080411apple056music 20080411apple059bruce 20080411apple060david 20080411apple061david 20080411apple064chas
David, Josh, Ann, Stephen
Bruce Schneier
David, Josh, Stephen
David, Josh, Stephen
Chas Somdahl
20080411apple065natelouie 20080411apple066hug 20080411apple068music 20080411apple069music 20080411apple070ann
Nate and Louis Bucklin
Geri Sullivan and Doc Levin
Ken Duvio
Music Circle
Ann Viviano
20080411apple072ann 20080411apple073kazoo 20080411apple076floyd 20080412apple081bethgeof 20080412apple078ljnico
Ann and David
Dueling Kazoos
Floyd Henderson
Beth Friedman and Geof Stone
Playing with Nico
20080412apple082ljnico 20080412apple080gavi 20080412apple083watching 20080412apple084brucenico 20080412apple085cards
Playing with Nico
Watching Wizard
Feeding Nico
Playing A Game
20080412apple086teresa 20080412apple089jack 20080412apple090geririchard 20080412apple091teresa 20080412apple093teresa
Teresa Chandler
Jack Targonski
Geri Sullivan and Richard Tatge
Teresa Chandler
Teresa Chandler
20080412apple095david 20080412apple098chas 20080412apple096zak 20080412apple099katie 20080412apple100katiezak
David Schroth
Chas Somedahl
Zak Playing Korean Drums
Katie Playing Korean Drums
Katie and Zak
20080412apple101katiezak 20080412apple103katie 20080412apple109chas 20080412apple110bonnie 20080412apple112addingn
Katie and Zak
Katie Playing Korean Drum
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 1
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 2
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 3
20080412apple113addingn 20080412apple115addingn 20080412apple116bowl 20080412apple117addingn 20080412apple118zach
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 4
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 5
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 6
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 7
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 8
20080412apple120addingn 20080412apple121bowl 20080412apple122icecream 20080412apple123addingn 20080412apple124bowl
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 9
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 10
Yum! 11
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 12
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream 13
20080412apple125shaun 20080412apple127beccas 20080412apple130chas 20080412apple131chas 20080412apple133sleigh
Shaun Kelly 14
Beccas 15
The Science Show 1
The Science Show 2
Science and Magic 3
20080412apple134sleigh 20080412apple136sleigh 20080412apple135chas 20080412apple137chas 20080412apple138chaszak
Science and Magic 4
Science and Magic 5
The Science Show 6
The Science Show 7
The Science Show 8
20080412apple139chaszak 20080412apple142cards 20080412apple144geridoc 20080412apple145geof 20080412apple148shaun
The Science Show 9
Geri Sullivan and Doc Levin
Geof Stone
Shaun and the Stick

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