Applecon 2008

Applecon 1 was held April 11-13, 2008CE.
Thumbs cropped different than main picture. Surprise!

All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.
Best way to view the gallery is to start with the first main picture and continue through, following the flow of the con.

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Applecon 2008 Gallery A | Applecon 2008 Gallery B

Applecon 2008 : 1-90 | 91-180

20080412apple149shaun 20080412apple150gavi 20080412apple151grahambecca 20080412apple153chas 20080412apple156tesla
Shaun and the Stick
Gavi plays the Cello
Graham and Becca Leathers
Chas Somdahl
Tesla Aldrich
20080412apple160ann 20080412apple165ann 20080412apple157nico 20080412apple159nico 20080412apple161nico
Ann Viviano
Ann Viviano
Nico and the Guitar
Nico and the Stick
Nico and the Stick
20080412apple163nico 20080412apple166nico 20080412apple168cello 20080412apple170gavi 20080412apple169john
Nico and the Guitar
Nico and the Cello
Gavi Tutors on the Cello
Gavi Tutors on the Cello
Ann and John
20080412apple171tesla 20080412apple172ztesla 20080412apple172josh 20080412apple174watching 20080412apple175anndavid
Tesla Aldrich
Tesla Aldrich
Josh More
Watching Music
David and Ann
20080412apple177sleighbecca 20080412apple178david 20080412apple180cards 20080412apple181betsyrachel 20080412apple182meerah
Stephen Leigh and Becca Leathers
David Perry
Betsy, Rachal and Irene
Meerah on Fiddle
20080412apple183josh 20080412apple184feet 20080412apple184sleigh 20080412apple185graham 20080412apple186arainna
Josh Using Chospsticks
Stephen Leigh Reading
Graham Leathers
Arianna on Fiddle
20080412apple190lj 20080412apple192lj 20080412apple194arianna 20080412apple196geof 20080412apple198andrew
Laura Jean Reading
Laura Jean Reading
Geof Stone
Through Andrew's Eyes
20080412apple199sleigh 20080412apple200sleigh 20080412apple202fred 20080412apple204annfred 20080412apple205fred
Stephen Leigh
Stephen Leigh
Fred Levy Haskell
Ann and Fred
Fred Levby Haskell
20080412apple207sleigh 20080412apple209music 20080412apple211drums 20080412apple210becca 20080412apple214floyd
Stephen Leigh
Stephen, Bruce, David
Stephen, Bruce, David
Becca Leathers
Floyd Henderson
20080412apple218floyd 20080412apple219geri 20080413apple220daveshanlj 20080413apple222daveshanlj 20080413apple225hannon
Floyd Fretting
Geri Sullivan
The Birthday Group 1
The Birthday Group 2
Shannon Serves Cake
20080413apple226karenbruce 20080413apple230joe 20080413apple231lj 20080413apple232scott 20080413apple235seth
Karen and Bruce Keep Score
Joe Agee
Laura Jean
Scott Raun
Seth Breidbart
20080413apple236sethgeri 20080413apple239bonniechas 20080413apple244nico 20080413apple241nico 20080413apple243josh
Seth Breidbart and Geri Sullivan
Bonnie and Chas
Top O' The World, Ma!
Josh More
20080413apple246cards 20080413apple247sevencamera 20080413apple248seven 20080413apple249joe 20080413apple251sethkaren
Don and Joe
Karen Cooper and Seth Breidbart
20080413apple252seven 20080413apple253susan 20080413apple254cards 20080413apple255joeandrewbethsm.jpg 20080413apple259bethscore
Susan Levy Haskell
Joe, Andrew and Beth
Keeping Score
20080413apple261doncard 20080413apple262bonniejosh 20080413apple263ben 20080413apple264ljlarry 20080413apple265karen
Don's Hand
Bonnie and Josh
Ben Liberman
Laura Jean and Larry Sanderson
Karen Announcing
20080413apple266rachel 20080413apple268karen 20080413apple270karen 20080413apple267beth 20080413apple271beth
Racdhel Lininger
Karen Announcing
Karen Announcing
Beth Getting Ribbon 1
Beth Getting Ribbon 2
20080413apple272beth 20080413apple273shaunaward 20080413apple274seven 20080413apple276chas 20080413apple277andrew
Beth Getting Ribbon 3
Joe Getting Trophy
Seven With Trophy
Chas Serenades
Andrew Records Closing Ceremonies
20080413apple278ljkaren 20080413apple279karen 20080413apple280susan 20080413apple282winners 20080413apple284ljlarry
Karen Cooper and Laura Jean
Wizard Cards
Tri-Wizard Tournament Winners 1
Tri-Wizard Tournament Winners 2
Con Chairs in fron of altered art

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