2008 Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention was held September 1-4, 2008CE
at the Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul, MN.

I covered the event for KFAI-FM, Fresh Air Radio. Over the four days of the convention, I recorded 40 interviews, some of which went out on the radio, and the rest were posted on LiveJournal. All of them, and my other political reporting, are collected on the Shockwave Radio Theater Audio Page.
In this picture gallery, I've linked the pictures of interviewees with their interview when available.

Thumbs cropped different than main picture. Surprise!

All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.
A more full description is in the annotation of the larger picture. Click on the thumbnail.
Pictures are in chronological order. Best way to view the gallery is to start with the first main picture and continue through, following the flow of the event.

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2008 Republican National Convention : 1-90 | 91-180 | 181-265

20080901rnc002hotdogsm 20080901rnc003hotdogsm 20080901rnc004streetsm 20080901rnc005librarysm 20080901rnc006caminbagsm
George of George's Hot Dogs
Downtown St. Paul Welcome
Volunteers at Library
Wrapped Camera
20080901rnc007stagesm 20080901rnc008securitysm 20080901rnc009xcelsm 20080901rnc011xcelsm 20080901rnc014signsm
Security Checkpoint
Xcel Center
Entrance to Floor
Electronic Sign
20080901rnc016mccain_b73673 20080901rnc015siriussm 20080901rnc017marthasm 20080901rnc019delawaresm 20080901rnc020presssm
Electronic Sign
Sirius Radio
Martha Zoller
Andrew Langer
Agence France-Presse
20080901rnc021kfaism 20080901rnc022fencesm 20080901rnc023fencesm 20080901rnc024cnngrillsm 20080901rnc025cnngrillsm
KFAI-FM Press Area
Beginning of Fence pictures
Fence Around RNC
Fence Around RNC
CNN Grill
20080901rnc027fencesm 20080901rnc028entrysm 20080901rnc029entrysm 20080901rnc030entrysm 20080901rnc031foxsm
Fence Around RNC
Security Checkpoint 1
Security Checkpoint 2
Security Checkpoint 3
Fox Screen
20080901rnc032outsidesm 20080901rnc033foxsm 20080901rnc035flowerssm 20080901rnc036flowerssm 20080901rnc037fencesm
Xcel Center Sign
Fox News Screen
Red, White & Blue Flowers & Fence 1
Red, White & Blue Flowers 2
Fence Around RNC
20080901rnc038fencesm 20080901rnc039fencesm 20080901rnc041jackdanielssm 20080901rnc042conessm 20080901rnc044milindasm
Fence Around RNC
Fence Around RNC
Jack Daniels Advertising
Traffic Cones
Melinda Fredericks
20080901rnc048wilkinssm 20080901rnc050wilkinssm 20080901rnc052xcelsm 20080901rnc055xcelsm 20080901rnc056xcelsm
RiverCentre 1
RiverCentre 2
Xcel Center
Arena on Monday 1
Arena on Monday 2
20080901rnc057momssm 20080901rnc058momssm 20080901rnc059hurricanesm 20080901rnc061camerasm 20080901rnc062colemansm
"Moms Trust McCain"
"We Love Sarah"
Hurricane Information Center
Sen. Norm Coleman
20080901rnc064mollysm 20080901rnc067helicoptersm 20080901rnc068protestsm 20080901rnc069protestsm 20080901rnc070protestsm
Molly Ahlborn
Protestors in St. Paul
Protestors Between Fences
Protestors Between Fences
20080901rnc071protestsm 20080901rnc072copssm 20080901rnc073copssm 20080901rnc074crowdcontrolsm.jpg 20080901rnc075crowdcontrolsm.jpg
Protestors Between Fences
More Riot Police Arrive
Riot Police on Empty Street
Riot Police Around Protestors 1
Riot Police Around Protestors 2
20080901rnc076crowdcontrolsm.jpg 20080901rnc077crowdcontrolsm.jpg 20080901rnc078crowdcontrolsm.jpg 20080901rnc079crowdcontrolsm.jpg 20080901rnc080takingpicssm
Riot Police Around Protestors 3
Riot Police Around Protestors 4
Riot Police Around Protestors 5
Riot Police Around Protestors 6
Protestors as Tourist Attraction 1
20080901rnc081interviewsm 20080901rnc082crowdcontrolsm.jpg 20080901rnc083mickeyssm 20080901rnc084distantmarchsm.jpg 20080901rnc085crowdcontrolsm.jpg
Protestors as Tourist Attraction 2
Riot Police Around Protestors 7
Riot Police Surround Mickey's Diner
Protestors Marching Peaceably
Protestors as Tourist Attraction 3
20080901rnc086crowdcontrolsm.jpg 20080901rnc087crowdcontrolsm.jpg 20080901rnc088crowdcontrolsm.jpg 20080901rnc089votesmartsm 20080901rnc093crowdcontrolsm.jpg
Riot Police Surround Protestors 8
Riot Police Surround Protestors 9
Riot Police Surround Protestors 10
Ben Kastan of VeoteSmart.org
Riot Police Surround Protestors 11
20080901rnc094karmelasm 20080901rnc095copssm 20080901rnc096copssm 20080901rnc097copssm 20080901rnc098crowdcontrolsm.jpg
Karmela Sabri
More Riot Police Arrive
Even More Riot Police Arrive
More Riot Police Than Protestors
Riot Police Crowded in Street
20080901rnc099crowdcontrolsm.jpg 20080901rnc100crowdcontrolsm.jpg 20080901rnc102brucesm 20080901rnc103signsm 20080901rnc104minuteslatersm.jpg
More Riot Police than Protestors
More Riot Police Than Protestors
Bruce Moffat
Coffee Shop Protestor
interview with Chris Strohm
Empty Street
20080901rnc105vendorssm 20080901rnc106waynesm 20080901rnc107unclesamsm 20080901rnc109newperimetersm.jpg 20080901rnc110fabiansm
Street Vendors
Wayne Hessler
Hydrated Uncle Sam
New Security Perimeter
Fabian Cohen
20080901rnc111minyansm 20080902rnc113bjornericsm 20080902rnc116msnbcsm 20080902rnc117streetssm 20080902rnc118streetssm
Tuesday: Two Protestors
MSNBC on Sewgays
McNally Smith College of Music
Alex Smith
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