2008 Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention was held September 1-4, 2008CE
at the Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul, MN.

I covered the event for KFAI-FM, Fresh Air Radio. Over the four days of the convention, I recorded 40 interviews, some of which went out on the radio, and the rest were posted on LiveJournal. All of them, and my other political reporting, are collected on the Shockwave Radio Theater Audio Page.
In this picture gallery, I've linked the pictures of interviewees with their interview when available.

Thumbs cropped different than main picture. Surprise!

All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.
A more full description is in the annotation of the larger picture. Click on the thumbnail.
Pictures are in chronological order. Best way to view the gallery is to start with the first main picture and continue through, following the flow of the event.

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RNC08 Gallery A | RNC08 Gallery B | RNC08 Gallery C

2008 Republican National Convention : 1-90 | 91-180 | 181-265

20080902rnc119msnbcsm 20080902rnc120bannersm 20080902rnc121bannersm 20080902rnc123talkshowrowsm 20080902rnc124countdownsm
MSNBC Pavillion
Fund Education, Not Occupation 1
Fund Education, Not Occupation 2
Talk Show Row 1
Talk Show Row 2
20080902rnc125purcellsm 20080902rnc126biddlesm 20080902rnc127rizkahnsm 20080902rnc128rizdavesm 20080902rnc129myerssm
Andrew Purcell
Joanne Biddle
Riz Khan
Baron Dave and Riz Khan
Steve Myers
20080902rnc130brucesm 20080902rnc131brookssm 20080902rnc133buttonssm 20080902rnc134codepinksm 20080902rnc135codepinksm
Bruce Hanson
Herb Brooks Statue
Street Vendor
CodePink 1
intrerview with Nina Klooster
CodePink 2
20080902rnc136codepinksm 20080902rnc137codepinksm 20080902rnc138codepinksm 20080902rnc139codepinksm 20080902rnc140codepinksm
CodePink 3
CodePink 4
CodePink 5
CodePink 6
CodePink 7
20080902rnc142welcometexassm.jpg 20080903rnc148civicfestsm 20080903rnc150dansm 20080903rnc151apollosm 20080903rnc152civicfestsm
Pro-Life Meeting
Wednesday: Civic Fest 1
Dan Bredermeier 2
Apollo Fuhriman 3
Civic Fest 4
20080903rnc153civicfestsm 20080903rnc154airforce1sm 20080903rnc155fdrlimosm 20080903rnc156fdrlimosm 20080903rnc157rrimosm
Civic Fest 5
Air Force One 6
FDR Limo 7
FDR Limo 8
Ronald Reagan Limo 9
20080903rnc161judysm 20080903rnc162eaglesm 20080903rnc164eaglesm 20080903rnc166eaglesm 20080903rnc167eaglesm
Judy Morneau 10
Eagle Center 11
Eagle Center 12
Eagle Center 13
Eagle Center 14
20080903rnc170eaglesm 20080903rnc172lincolnsm 20080903rnc173dealersm 20080903rnc174upssm 20080903rnc175pressm
Eagle Center 15
Lincoln Exhibit 16
Sales Table 17
UPS Trucks 18
Presidential Cut-Outs 19
20080903rnc176davesm 20080903rnc177petersm 20080903rnc178tshirtssm 20080903rnc179tshirtssm 20080903rnc180drillhreresm
Capitol Report 20
Peter Fleischhacker 21
T-Shirts 22
Just Right Tees 23
Drill Here, Drill Now 24
20080903rnc181krullsm 20080903rnc182bandsm 20080903rnc185whitehousesm 20080903rnc186dressessm 20080903rnc187dressessm
Michael Krull 25
Old Timey Band 26
White House 27
First Lady Inaugural Dresses 28
First Lady Inaugural Dresses 29
20080903rnc189mediasm 20080903rnc191bicyclessm 20080903rnc193freewheelsm 20080903rnc203ricemusicsm 20080903rnc205peanutssm
Civic Fest Press Room 30
Humana Bicycles
interview Dvorchak and Mudd
Free Wheel Tracking
Street Musician
Peanuts Characters in Bronze
20080903rnc206ronpaulsm 20080903rnc207hellsm 20080903rnc208codepinksm 20080903rnc209codepinksm 20080903rnc210codepinksm
Ron Paul Supporters
Xtreme Free Speech Zone 1
Headed To Hell 2
CodePink 3
"Bring Them Home"
CodePink 5
20080903rnc212codepinksm 20080903rnc213codepinksm 20080903rnc214joshuasm 20080903rnc215policesm 20080903rnc216dvdsm
CodePink 6
CodePink 7
Joshua Woronwicki 8
Bicycle Police 9
DVD 10
20080903rnc217jesussm 20080903rnc219sinclairsm 20080903rnc221fountainsm 20080903rnc222interviewsm 20080903rnc226blamesm
"Obey Jesus" 11
Larry Sinclair 12
Rice Park Fountain 13
Interview 14
Office of Blame 15
20080903rnc227mediasm 20080903rnc229mediasm 20080903rnc230woodbridgesm 20080903rnc233jasonlewissm 20080903rnc235bartcopsm
Media Room at the RNC 1
Media Room at the RNC 2
Greg Woodbridge
Jason Lewis
Bartcop Sticker
20080903rnc236talkshowrowsm 20080903rnc240hatchsm 20080903rnc241talkshowrowsm 20080903rnc242daveydsm 20080903rnc243airamericasm
Talk Show Row
Orrin Hatch Being Interviewed
Talk Show Row
Air America
20080903rnc244texassm 20080903rnc245entrysm 20080903rnc247entrysm 20080903rnc248entrysm 20080903rnc249entrysm
Entry to RNC 1
Entry to RNC 2
Entry to RNC 3
Entry to RNC 4
20080903rnc250entrysm 20080903rnc252entrysm 20080903rnc253msnbcsm 20080903rnc255kingsm 20080903rnc256ricesm
"Falun Dafa is Good" 5
Entry to RNC 6
MSNBC Pavillion
"Down With The King"
Xtreme Free Speech Zone
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