2008 Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention was held September 1-4, 2008CE
at the Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul, MN.

I covered the event for KFAI-FM, Fresh Air Radio. Over the four days of the convention, I recorded 40 interviews, some of which went out on the radio, and the rest were posted on LiveJournal. All of them, and my other political reporting, are collected on the Shockwave Radio Theater Audio Page.
In this picture gallery, I've linked the pictures of interviewees with their interview when available.

Thumbs cropped different than main picture. Surprise!

All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.
A more full description is in the annotation of the larger picture. Click on the thumbnail.
Pictures are in chronological order. Best way to view the gallery is to start with the first main picture and continue through, following the flow of the event.

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RNC08 Gallery A | RNC08 Gallery B | RNC08 Gallery C

2008 Republican National Convention : 1-90 | 91-180 | 181-265

20080903rnc258tshirtsm 20080903rnc259copssm 20080903rnc260copssm 20080903rnc262copssm 20080903rnc263vetsm
McCain/Palin T-Shirt
Cops At Rice Park 1
Cops At Rice Park 2
Cops At Rice Park 3
"McCain Votes Against Vets"
20080904rnc270parkingsm 20080904rnc272ricehillarysm 20080904rnc273ricetazesm 20080904rnc274ricevetssm 20080904rnc275ricevetssm
Thursday: Parking Fees At The RNC
Rice Park Signs
"Don't Taze Me Bro" 1
"Vietnam Vets Against McCain" 2
"Vietnam Vets Against McCain" 3
20080904rnc276ricesm 20080904rnc278riceshirtsm 20080904rnc281ricecopticsm 20080904rnc284ricepetasm 20080904rnc285riceblamesm
George Kanany
PETA's Pigs
interview with Ashley Byrne
Office of Blame
interview with Jeff Cunningham
20080904rnc287linesm 20080904rnc291insidesm 20080904rnc292owenssm 20080904rnc296floorsm 20080904rnc300stagesm
"Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran"
Guarding Door to Suite
William Owns, Jr.
Convention Floor
Giant Screen of Arena
20080904rnc302buffetsm 20080904rnc304ferstmansm 20080904rnc305floorsm 20080904rnc309balloonsm 20080904rnc310screensm
Buffet in Arena Area
Aaron Ferstman
Convention Center Floor
Balloons in Waiting
Overhead Screens
20080904rnc311floorsm 20080904rnc315presssm 20080904rnc319tristansm 20080904rnc317merchsm 20080904rnc320zambonism
Convention Floor
TV Camera on Conveniton Floor
Tristan Acker
Selling Convention Gear
Zamboni Plaque
20080904rnc324kfaism 20080904rnc328kfaism 20080904rnc329recyclesm 20080904rnc331arenasm 20080904rnc333bluearenasm
David McKay and Dan Richmond
Andy Driscoll
Please Recycle
Convention Floor
Blue Convention Floor
20080904rnc334familysm 20080904rnc337ridgesm 20080904rnc342ridgesm 20080904rnc353cindysm 20080904rnc357floorsm
Family on Screen
Tom Ridge
Tom Ridge Overhead
Cindy McCain
"Palin Power"
20080904rnc361cindyfloorsm 20080904rnc366floorsm 20080904rnc367standingsm 20080904rnc373floorsm 20080904rnc374floorsm
Signs on Convention Floor
Photographing Sign
Standing to Watch
Signs on Convention Floor
"Hispanics For McCain"
20080904rnc378filmsm 20080904rnc383momsm 20080904rnc384mccainsm 20080904rnc386mccainsm 20080904rnc390mccainsm
McCain Bio Film
McCain's Mom
John McCain
Rising Lectern
McCain at Lectern
20080904rnc391standingsm 20080904rnc392standingsm 20080904rnc409cornsm 20080904rnc413flagsm 20080904rnc414standingsm
Crowd Cheering McCain 1
Crowd Cheering McCain 2
Cornfield on Screen
Flag on Screen
Crowd Cheering McCain 3
20080904rnc418mccainsm 20080904rnc424standingsm 20080904rnc426arenasm 20080904rnc432picturessm 20080904rnc434johncindysm
John McCain
Watching McCain
Conveniton Hall
peech as Photo Op
John and Cindy McCain
20080904rnc435floorsm 20080904rnc436johnsarahsm 20080904rnc438confettism 20080904rnc442cofettism 20080904rnc445balloonssm
Yellow Ribbons
John, Cindy, Sarah, Todd
Confetti 1
Confetti 2
Balloons 3
20080904rnc448balloonssm 20080904rnc450balloonssm 20080904rnc451balloonssm 20080904rnc452balloonssm 20080904rnc454balloonssm
Balloons 4
Balloons 5
Balloons 6
Balloons 7
Balloons 8
20080904rnc455floorsm 20080904rnc456balloonssm 20080904rnc458balloonssm 20080904rnc461camerasm 20080904rnc462balloonssm
Balloons on Convention Floor 9
Red Balloons 10
Red, White & Blue Ballons 11
Preserving the Moment
Balloons 12
20080904rnc466davesm 20080904rnc467victoriasm 20080904rnc468sheensm 20080904rnc469stairssm 20080904rnc470balloonssm
Baron Dave w/Balloons 13
Victoria From Florida
interview (1)
Fulton Sheen
interview (2)

On the Stairs
More Confetti
20080904rnc472picturessm 20080904rnc473leavingsm 20080904rnc476lewissm 20080904rnc477grillsm 20080904rnc478stpsm
Preserving the Moment
Leaving the Convention Floor
Lewis Nettrour
interview (3)
CNN Grill
Downtown St. Paul

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