2008 May Day Parade

The annual Mayday Parade, sponsored by In The Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, is a long-time Minneapolis tradition. This year, weather was terrific and all the roadwork was finished. The theme is based on the collapse of the I-35W Bridge, just a few miles from the parade site, which happened between last year's parade and this.
I took a bunch of pictures before and during the parade, some of the celebration/picnic at Powderhorn Park.

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All pictures taken by Baron Dave except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged. Return to Dave Romm's Portal.

Pictures are in semi-chronological order. Best to go from one large picture to the next, to see all the sequences and follow the flow from the gathering crowd to the parade to the activities at the park to the MN-STF picnic.

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May Day 2008 : 1-85 | 86-163

20080504mayday001johnsm 20080504mayday002boatsm 20080504mayday003puppetcampsm.jpg 20080504mayday004friessm 20080504mayday005blanketssm
John at Powderhorn
Canoeing in the lake
Puppet Camps
Curly Fries
Reserving a spot
20080504mayday007foodsm 20080504mayday009familysm 20080504mayday011tandemsm 20080504mayday013marshallcopsm.jpg 20080504mayday015cyclessm
Street vendors
Family waiting
Bicycles 1
Police and Parade Marshall
Bicycles 2
20080504mayday016cyclessm 20080504mayday017cyclessm 20080504mayday018housesm 20080504mayday019beatshacksm.jpg 20080504mayday020horsessm
Bicycles 3
Bicycles 4
Beat Shack 1
"You can't park here!" 2
Mounted Police
20080504mayday022preggerssm 20080504mayday023bridgesm 20080504mayday024infrasm 20080504mayday026accordionsm.jpg 20080504mayday027kicksm
Expectant Marcher
A New Bridge
Infrastructure for the Future Beings
Kick 1
20080504mayday028kicksm 20080504mayday031collapsesm 20080504mayday033bridgesm 20080504mayday035bridgesm 20080504mayday036bridgesm
Kick 2
Carrot On A Stick
Bridge of Debt
The Rat Race
Culture of Consumerism
20080504mayday037bridgesm 20080504mayday038bridgesm 20080504mayday039bridgesm 20080504mayday040bridgesm 220080504mayday041treeinashsm.jpg width=
Culture of Consumerism
Culture of Consumerism
Beloved Engine 1
Beloved Engine 2
Tree In Ash 1
20080504mayday042mournerssm 20080504mayday044mournerssm 20080504mayday046mournerssm 20080504mayday048bloodoilsm 20080504mayday049changesm
Mourners 2
Mourners 3
Mourners 4
Blood for Oil
A Change of Heart
20080504mayday050changesm 20080504mayday052riseupsm 20080504mayday053riseupsm 20080504mayday054anishsm 20080504mayday058seedssm
A New Heart Beats
Rise Up 1
Rise Up 2
Seeds for Tomorrow 1
20080504mayday059seedssm 20080504mayday060seedssm 20080504mayday061seedssm 20080504mayday062seedssm 20080504mayday063seedssm
Seeds for Tomorrow 2
Seeds for Tomorrow 3
Seeds for Tomorrow 4
Seeds for Tomorrow 5
Seeds for Tomorrow 6
20080504mayday065seedssm 20080504mayday068paradesm 20080504mayday071drumssm 20080504mayday072stiltssm 20080504mayday073stiltssm
Seeds for Tomorrow 7
Stilts 1
Stilts 2
20080504mayday074rainbowsm 20080504mayday075paradesm 20080504mayday076paradesm 20080504mayday077paradesm 20080504mayday078whatcanwesm.jpg
Swallows Live In Communities
"What Can I Do Now?"
20080504mayday079citysm 20080504mayday080citysm 20080504mayday081unlimitedsm.jpg 20080504mayday082unlimitedsm.jpg 20080504mayday083unlimitedsm.jpg
Slums 1
Slums 2
The Unlimited 1
The Unlimited 2
The Unlimited 3
20080504mayday084bearsm 20080504mayday085bearsm 20080504mayday086swallowssm 20080504mayday087swallowssm 20080504mayday088swallowssm
Bear 1
Bear 2
Swallows 1
Swallows 2
Swallows 3
20080504mayday090bulbsm 20080504mayday091poorpeoplesm.jpg 20080504mayday093globesm 20080504mayday094musicianssm.jpg 20080504mayday095scooterssm
Energy-Efficient Bulb
Poor People's Rights
20080504mayday097tastysm 20080504mayday098shoulderssm.jpg 20080504mayday101carifestsm 20080504mayday102carifestsm 20080504mayday103baharocksm
Ride on Shoulders
Twin Cities Carifest 1
Twin Cities Carifest 2
Baha Rock 1
20080504mayday104baharocksm 20080504mayday105ipoodsm 20080504mayday106thinkaheadsm.jpg 20080504mayday107animalsm 20080504mayday108unicornsm
Baha Rock 2
But Think Ahead
Horned Animals
20080504mayday109bandsm 20080504mayday112horsesm 20080504mayday113horsesm 20080504mayday115greensm 20080504mayday116headsm
Horse 1
Horse 2
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