Picture Gallery Seven

KFAI Volunteers, circa 1980

in front of the Walker Church
at the time home of the broadcast studio

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KFAI volunteers circa 1980

The annotation, according to Everett Forte (Shockwave Rider and Station Manager somewhere in this timeframe):

left to right
row 1(front): Everett Forte, Carol Overland, Anara Guard, Norma Jean WIlliams, Wendy Benson, Petra Hall

row 2: Gene Johnson, Jane Neathery, Bill Bader, Liz Olds, Snake Jones, Charles Brin, Jeff Cashdollar

row 3: Pam Johnson, Deb (Bieber) Ernsberger, Drew Miller, Geza Eles, Beryl Greenberg, David Lowe (McGowan)

row 4-ish: Jerry Modjeski, Chuck Isle, DavE Romm, Amanda (Mandy) Schauberger, Claude Peck, Mary MacEachron, Diane Rackowski, Doug Cain, John Copeland, XX can't see well enough, Louise Strasbaugh

row 5-ish(back): Jerry Stearns, Jena Forest, Mike O'Connor, Ilse Mueller, Jane Berry, Evelyn Turner, Chris Dronen, Bruce Kennedy, Deah Cain, Jeremy Nichols, Steve Lebeau, XX can't make out, XX can't make out

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