Interesting Places to Check Out

Odd sites, gleaned over the years

These are from my "tell people to go here" directory. All links tested valid as of 6/19/02.

Tired of too many buzzwords and fatuous phrases? Try

Are you paranoid? If so, you'll need proper instructions on how to make an Aluminum Foil Detector Beanie., Consumer Information Organization. What does a web site know about you just by you visiting?

The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project. Really. Loads of fun if you like playing with your food-like object.

White House Magic 8-Ball. No recounts.

Mutant Watch. Campaign for Senator Kelly, from The X-Men, but sounds all too serious...

FBI Investigated Groucho Marx's jokes.

Official US Time. Click on a Time Zone.

Need a random number? Want a really good trivia question? Pi to 10,000 places.

Landover Baptist Church, where the worthwhile worship.

Secret Society of Happy People.

Not Myers-Briggs, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. Take the quick test and find out how you communicate with others and why people sometimes talk past each other. More than a toy, less than gospel. More information about a similar system at TypeLogic.

If reality is too much for for you, delve into theCartoon Psyche. And find out which character you're like, from Star Wars to Jane Austin and more. A vast selection of selectors at SelectSmart.

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division. Separating truth from fiction about H2O...

Raving Toy Maniac, The Magazine For Your Inner Child.

The Kiss Off Quiz. Words for the boss both said and left unsaid.

CAP Index: Crime Prevention Index. Click the Foresight 2020 link to find out how dangerous your city is now and how much it will improve or decline by 2020.

Find the black dot.

Ask Sister Rossetta. Ask questions of the Lavendar Nun, for example: Why do halos look like condoms?

You knew it, deep in your heart: Prepare for Canadian World Domination. Better drink Molson lager.

Destroy the Castle (requires the Director plug-in). Part of the Nova site on Lost Empires and how to use a trebuchet.

Flash Mountain showcases fun-loving people baring their flesh in the most unusual places. And if that's not enough, try some Voyeur Movies.

Eric conveys an emotion. Expressive pics. Make requests.

The Trivia Community. One of them, anyway.

The Order of the Skull and Bones. Several Bushes and CIA people were members of this Yale organization.

The Jesus Dance. The Jesus Dance with Plastic Jesus playing.

Samurai mouse test. Requires Director. Or find out about Quickie-Fu at Slashdot.

Gahan Wilson's Science Fiction Horror Movie Pocket Computer, a chart on how to make a sci-fi movie, from a 1974 National Lampoon but still valid.

Useless Information.

Stick Figure Death Theatre.

Click on the link toVirtual Cow Tipping (and a lot more groovy virtual things).

Fun with the English language.

Bible Stickers. Put them on the bibles you find in hotels... (whether you want to sing a Hymn to Hubert the Beaver is up to you). Some other Heretical Labels here.