132/204: Baron Dave and Guests



We Partied with [Redacted]


Science fiction conventions attract all types. I first saw [uniformed personnel] when they were waiting with fans in the elevator lobby. One fan was dressed in camouflage gear, a type different than the guests had. Two of them tried to buy said gear, but were unsuccessful.

They were [professionals] from [not Mpls], and had an [evening of free time] before moving on to [facility] and thence to [disputed area]. They didn't know what to expect, and neither did we. But we were friendly and supportive of their efforts, not like [allied country] where the [engagement] is even more unpopular than here. In the US, we separate the war from the warrior (no matter what the [poopy-head] Republicans say), and welcomed them as heroes and guests.

In one of the great class moves of science fiction fandom, Marscon comped all [not inconsequential number] of them.

They had a blast, going from room party to room party Saturday night, and we had a blast hosting them. Girls melted semi-chastely in their arms. Unusual drinks were proffered and accepted. [Esprit de corps] was everywhere. Incidents of overzealousness were few and handled by [someone older and wiser].

Pictures were taken, including the two here. I asked and was told we could talk about them and put up pictures, with conditions. Alas, their [outing] is [completely uninteresting, really] and we can't show their faces or [gauche] incidents. I really can't imagine that [the bad guys] pay much attention to Marscon reports, or could do much with the information if they did. Still, the request was made and I intend to honor it until [head honcho] says otherwise.

So in the meantime: Thanks for coming to Marscon! Go get 'em! Perhaps you'll come back when we can [show you the rest of the convention].

more Guest pics next and scattered throughout gallery

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