Shockwave Radio Theater podcast August 30, 2008:  A Libertarian Rage & MoveOn.Org
Baron Dave Romm interviews people in and around the performance of All Right's Reserved:  A Libertarian Rage on August 29th, 2008 and also interviewed people from MoveOn.Org in and around Sen. Obama's acceptance speech on August 28th.
•  Rick Burkhardt (pictured, with accordion) and Andy Gricevich of The Prince Myshkins
*  Phillip Low, writer/performer of A Libertarian Rage
*  Courtney McLean, performer in A Libertarian Rage and Rockstar Storytellers
*  Shane Steel, audience member
•  Daniela Vognar & Quintin Robinson, MoveOn.Org
*  John Walters & Sean G. Phillips
Mp3 of this podcast available on the Shockwave Radio Theater Audio Page.
A Libertarian Rage &
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