Shockwave Radio Theater podcast Aug. 22, 2008 State Fair Political Interviews
Baron Dave Romm interviews volunteers, candidates and other interested parties on the first day of the Minnesota State Fair, August 21, 2008CE.  I wandered up and down the Fairgrounds, stopping at all the political booths I could find, and a few more. People at the Fair were friendly and outgoing.  The volunteers expressed their own opinions, not necessarily those of any party or candidate.  The two candidates I talked to were in campaign mode early enough at the Fair that they didn’t sound mechanical.  All interviews are unedited.
• Karen Sharagg, volunteer at the Al Franken for Senate booth.
•  Glenn Gray of
•  Mark Szyebathka, Dave Holzer and Steve Richie of the Sheet Metal Workers Union Local #10
•  Bill Wilcox & Dale Nathan, volunteers for the  Independence Party of Minnesota
•  Greg Siers and Kris Hauschild, volunteers at the John McCain for President booth
•  Barb Davis White, Republican candidate for Representative of the 5th Congressional District (mine!)
•  Kevin Foley, volunteer at the YesForMN booth
•  Anthony Stanton, volunteer at the Barack Obama for President booth
•  Jack Uldrich, Independence Party candidate for Senate
Mp3 of this podcast available on the Shockwave Radio Theater Audio Page.
Note:  No one at the Norm Coleman booth wanted to talk since they were “only here as volunteers” and no one at the DFL pavilion wanted to be interviewed because they were “not qualified to answer press questions.”  I left my card with both, but neither called back.
Dairy Note:  The picture above is of the new Princess Kay of the Milky Way having her head carved in butter in the Dairy Bldg.
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