Rhetoric Class Papers

In the Spring Semester of 2001 (Year of our MoonLanding 31), I took a course in the Rhetoric Department on Writing of Science and Technology, mainly Bioethics. For the course, the students have to give six oral presentations, write three Thought Papers and one Major Paper. I write out my oral presentations, and they are presented here, along with the more formally structured Thought Papers and the Final Paper.

The Final Paper, The Seven Sexes of Humankind, contains much to inform bioethical debates and I hope you read it and consider the ideas presented. My favorite besides the Final is the second Thought Paper, Giant Leaps by Small Steps. I just let MS word convert the Final to HTML, due to the footnotes, but the coding is a mess and I may recode more elegantly if I get enough requests.

Final Paper

The Seven Sexes of Humankind

Thought Papers

Oral Presentations

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