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While armed and armored riot police kept the protestors on Monday from interacting with anyone else, and kept anyone else from joining (or rejoining) the protestors, there did seem to be one area where anyone with a particular point of view could get their moment of fame: Rice Park, just outside the RNC's Riverfront Center entrance, well away from the two layers of metal security fences and metal detectors.

Why the difference in security? Why were peaceful protestors marching against war held between metal fences and surrounded by riot police while oddballs carrying strange signs and occasionally yelling things allowed to roam free? My guess: tv cameras. Here, just outside the MSNBC pavillion where the cameras could pan over the protestors, the cops didn't want to be in the picture.

And... many of these people were anti-Obama protestors. Many were against Bush, a few were against everybody, and some just sort of odd. Anti-McCain protestors were not, for the most part, here. Therefore, the protests were allowed to go on unhindered.

I call this area the Xtreme Free Speech Zone, though it had no official name.

Compre with later in the day.

Xtreme Free Speech Zone continues...

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