Security Checkpoint

To describe convention security as "massive" would be an understatement.

Here is the RiverPlace entrance to the Convention Center Monday Morning. Note the two (2) rows of fences, both with guards. Just to get through the outer fence (the clump of people in the middle), your credentials were checked electronically. The second fence had armed guards on patrol. Once inside the fences (behind this picture), you had to go through airport-style metal detectors. And after all that, various t-shirted volunteers and armed police from several jurisdictions were constantly alert.

Everyone was polite and professional, and often willing to talk (but not on the record). Still, it seemed like overkill.

The volunteers and staffers were paid by the RNC, the police and riot police were from the city and county. Your tax dollars at work.

Many more pictures of fences and guards throughout the gallery.

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Security Checkpoint