Coffee Shop Protestor

Interview with Chris Strohm

Protestors, marching for hours in the warm Labor Day sun, were prevented from taking a break by the riot police. If you left, and not all maeit past the ring of guards successfully, you couldn't get back.

Those of us already on the outside couldn't get in. On the other hand, we had access to the shops. The ones that were open, anyway. I asked a few downtown stores about the RNC, and they all said that the convention hurt busiess.

I ducked off for a quick lunch at a Bruegger's Bagelry. Several protestors were taking a break as well, including this lady carrying a sign around her neck with words by John F. Kennedy.

Also there was Chris Strohm, a reporter for hte National Journal and Congress Daily. I didn't get a picture of him, so his audio file is attached to the location. He had been out, and withnessed firsthand the "anarchists" who broke off from the main group of protestors and went around downtown St. Paul breaking windows and turning over wastebaskets while being surrounded by riot police.

Chris was one of many reporters I talked to during the convention, as I covered the coverage.


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Coffee Shop Protestor