A Few Minutes Later, An Empty Street

All the preceeding pictures of riot police and protestors were taken roughly between 1:30 and 3:00pm. The march from the Capitol started in the morning, and other protests had been going on all day. They were scheduled to end at 3:00.

The march ended, and eveyrone just vanished. Without anyone to prevent from going in or out, most of the riot police disappeared.

This picture was taken at about 3:15, less than a half-hour after the earlier pictures of this same street packed with riot police.

A few people remaained, finally able to get out of the ring around the marchers, but for the most part, this section of the protest was over. Everything I saw of the protestors was peaceable and calm, though ardent in their objection to Repbulican politics.


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A Few Minutes Later, An Empty Street