Romm Family Gallery Four

Joe Romm and Patty Sinicropi
Wedding at Grey Havens Inn, Georgetown, ME
August 4-5, 2000

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Sydney Grodzins siblings Flower girlsCollen Khoury
SydneyGrodzins siblings
Ethel (mother of the groom)
Anne, Lee
Angela and Maria Sinicropi
Colleen Khoury
officiated the wedding
At the rehearsal dinnerJonathan Romm & Ann Lipow Giovanni Sinicropi Jonathan Romm
At the rehearsal dinner
James & Marcel Mollica, Nato Prioli
Jonathan Romm and Anne LipowGiovanni BalenaJonathan Romm
Wedding musicians Liz Lawler and Dean Grodzins Patty Sinicropi
Wedding MusiciansLiz Lawler and Dean GrodzinsPatty Sinicropi
the latest addition to the Romm family

pictures presented more or less chronologically

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