Dave Romm's 50th Birthday Party

Dreampark, April 16, 2005
I had loads of fun at my birthday party, hosted by mother Ethel G. Romm at the home of Sharon Kahn and Richard Tatge. Friends from many circles showed up, and I didn't have time to talk to all of them. I certainly didn't have time to take many pictures. Here are some, starting with the small dinner party earlier.

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50th Birthday

Waiting for Dave

Richard and Rachel

Dinner Guests

Sharon Kahn

Mom Prepares for Guests

Mom Prepares for Guests

Lighting Birthday Salmon

Lighting Birthday Salmon

Birthday Boy

"One Big Blow!"

"You Can Do It!"

Michael Is Confident

Borg Meets Mom

Gene Stoneman

Tony and David

Chris Dronen


Thaad, Jarrin and lucky carp

Rev. Daren Johnson

Bonnie's 3D Card