Washington DC Thanksgiving 2006 and April 2007

I went to Washington DC twice. Once for Thanksgiving 2006 and again in April 2007 to visit nine-week old niece Antonia Sinicropi Romm.
Since most of you want to see baby pictures more than tourist snapshots, I've combined the family pictures and put them first.
The chronology skips from Thanksgiving at Patty and Joe's house to baby pictures at the house in April,
then back to the National Mall and the Washington Zoo,
and the April pictures start at the Afghan restaurant and continue on to Hillary Clinton.

Click on thumbnail for larger picture and further annotation.
All pictures taken by Baron Dave Romm except the ones he's in. Corrections encouraged.

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Cook Patty

Pregnant Patty

Joyce helps out

Ethel in Kitchen

Daniel Romm

Uncles Dave and Dan

Dan and Joyce Romm

Dan enjoys drumstick!

Thanksgiving Pose 1

Thanksgiving Pose 2

Antonia, Patty, Ethel

Antonia and Joe

Antonia Sinicropi Romm

Dad teaches computer

Patty, Antonia, Joe

Dad reads to Antonia

Squishy toy?

Are you looking at me?

Antonia and Bubbe

Antonia and Bubbe

Antonia and Bubbe

Antonia and Bubbe

Antonia and Bubbe

Antonia and Uncle Dave

Antonia and Patty

Dan and Joyce

Carousel 1

Carousel 2

Carousel 3


Dolores 2




Panda Up A Tree 1

Panda Up A Tree 2

Panda Up A Tree 3

Panda Up A Tree 4

Panda Up A Tree 5



Elephant 1

Elephant 2

Elephant 3

Elephant 4

Elephant 5

Bird House 1

Bird House 2

Bird House 3

Bird House 4

Afghan Grill

Afghan Grill

Berlin Wall

Capitol Steps

Capitol Steps

Mercury 1

Mercury 2

Mercury 3


Cascade Waterfall

Emily's List

Ethel & Friend

Joe Romm

Climate Change

Joe Romm

Emily''s List

Emily's List

Dave Romm

Dave and Hillary Clinton

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